Intel Trying To Play Down Clock Speed

from the let's-see-if-we-can-confuse-you-with-some-numbers dept

Intel did such a good job convincing people that the most important decision in picking a chip was its clock speed (which, of course, really isn’t the most important thing), that they’ve now been backed into something of a corner in releasing newer chips, that are better in many ways, but which have a slower clock speed. So, after many years, they’ve finally decided to ditch the clock speed in the name of the chip – and, instead, will have some sort of complex numbering system, that seems more reminiscent of how BMW names their cars. While chip speeds will still show up in the descriptions, some are worried that the new numbering system is only going to serve to confuse buyers who are used to just looking for the chips speed. Actually, considering that chip speeds will still be in the description, I’d bet most people will simply ignore the new numbers.

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Comments on “Intel Trying To Play Down Clock Speed”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I suspect most people really won’t care… other than the kids who still feel that bigger is better. And thankfully, those people are becoming less and less. On the other hand, people who really need to spec out a high end machine are probably going to develop major migranes. Or worse, blindly follow the website recommendations of ‘good, better, best’. I suspect the PC box makers are rubbing their hands together in expectations of great profits from ignorant buyers.

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