Is Anonymous DSL A Good Idea?

from the depends-on-how-you-look-at-it dept

Someone who prefers to remain anonymous (ironically enough) has submitted this story from Broadband Reports about Bway’s decision to offer anonymous DSL. The idea is that they’re using a rotating pool of dynamic addresses, and not keeping any logs about who has what IP address at any particular time. This way, there’s no way to trace back a single IP address to any particular user. Of course, as with anything, this could be abused. They’re pitching it so that people can file share anonymously – but at the same time they can also spam anonymously. To be honest, this seems a lot more like a gimmick (and a fairly expensive one, at that) then a serious attempt at anonymity. Anyway, judging from the way politicians have been responding to anonymity lately, don’t be surprised if some sort of law gets passed banning this sort of anonymous broadband.

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