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Google continues to expand its offerings. The latest is that they’ve officially unveiled their “local search” offering which helps target more specific searches based on location (and, of course, which they hope will make it more attractive for local merchants to advertise on Google). Of course, I just went and tested it out, and received an “internal server error”. Perhaps I’m just not in the right location.

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Comments on “Localized Google”

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John Bartley K7AAY says:

Very Beta, this stuff

I did a search on Science Fiction…
and the first listing received was for a Xtian bookseller. Is this editorializing on the part of Google regarding religion? Hmm.

Another search, for BBQ near home, resulted in the best local BBQ joint appearing; alongside an ad for escort services.
The restaurant was underthrilled; I did not contact the escort service for their comment.

Conclusion: Very Beta.

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