Mobile Data Services Still Slow To Catch On In Europe

For all the talk about how slowly wireless data usage is catching on in the US, it appears that things aren’t so hot for wireless data in Europe either. Sure, they use text messaging a lot more, but people still look to their mobile phones primarily as being voice devices. Of course, there’s a reason for this: mobile phones are primarily voice devices. It seems that the mobile phone companies, in the rush to build up data services seem to be forgetting this. There’s nothing wrong with pushing data services – but they can’t be at the expense of what most people use the phone for. Also, it’s interesting to note that the article suggests that ringtones are receiving way too much hype – mostly because that’s about the only wireless data service that can be called even remotely successful at this point. I also think people are discounting the power of SMS messaging as well, since that’s an “old” wireless data service. SMS messaging caught on because it allows people to communicate – which is (like voice) where people see the value in the phone. No one is going out and buying a mobile phone just because they want to receive broadcast style content.

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