TeliaSonera Launches Nationwide 3G

Another 3G launch hits the street this month in Scandinavia, but this a considerable network footprint is part of the initial launch, as discussed in this Unstrung article on TeliaSonera’s 3G network in Sweden. Indeed, it’s a significant step forward that the first 3G network which can seriously call itself “nationwide” has emerged. What’s more, research (funded by Telia) suggests strong demand: 85% of Swedish companies plan to use 3G within 3 years. (Sure, the research seems optimistic, but I can’t claim to be an expert in that market.) The breadth of 3G coverage that TeliaSonera is offering is grand, with access to 75% of the population in 96% of the municipalities. With un-interrupted 3G sessions, TeliaSonera could avoid the big problem of failed 3G handoffs to a 2G network when leaving the 3G signal. However the article strangely breezes over this point by casually saying “ongoing calls and data connections are automatically moved to the GSM network”. Doesn’t that claim seem overly nonchalant for something that has plagued earlier 3G launches around the world?

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