The Unknown Future Of Nanotechnology

from the nth-wonder-of-the-world? dept

Anyone who follows nanotechnology has heard the arguments between Drexler and Smalley debating over nanotechnology and how it might revolutionize the world. The next topic: when will nanotechnology turn a profit or is it the next unfulfilled technological promise? Personally, I think nanotechnology will follow the history of advanced chemistry. Just like “plastics” were the future of the 60’s and are ubiquitous today, nanotechnology will slowly be incorporated into everyday items and surround us in the next 50 years. Will there be a specific “a-ha” moment for your average person? Probably not.

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Comments on “The Unknown Future Of Nanotechnology”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

Drexler and Smalley are irrelevent now

I agree with you Mike, not only that but I think that both Drexler (yes I have bought most of his books) and Smalley are highly overrated. I have to admit I’m a bit of a purist, Feynman is still the original nanotech guy in my mind.
Both of the other two have made some decent efforts towards the front but now I feel that their additional input is less relevent than that of entrepeneurs and scientists actually working on bringing these things closer to market. In a nut shell, who cares if they argue … the breakthroughs will come from others.

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