UK Motorists Ignore Driving While Yakking Ban

from the what-would-work? dept

Just like in New York, it appears that drivers in the UK are pretty much ignoring the ban on driving while yakking – even though they admit that it makes driving less safe. This shouldn’t be much of surprise – especially since enforcement of the law seems to be lacking. So, here’s a question: what would make people stop driving while yakking (or any other similar distraction)?

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Comments on “UK Motorists Ignore Driving While Yakking Ban”

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Margherite says:

engine vibration = no service

A very simple solution would be to add sensor technology to the phones, interrupting all service when frequencies typical of engine noise & vibration are detected.

Then, of course, you’d have to re-legislate common sense for the ninnies who would drive with their heads in a sound-proof bag.

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