People Accidentally Throwing Out Music Industry Checks

from the the-final-insult dept

Now that the music industry price fixing checks have gone out in the mail, some people are wondering where their check is. It turns out, however, that many people are confusing the checks with junk mail and throwing them out. The article quote a “veteran direct-mail operator” who points out that the check looks like typical junk mail. I have to agree. I almost tossed my check when it came. Though, I wonder how else they could have designed it so that it wouldn’t look like junk mail.

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Comments on “People Accidentally Throwing Out Music Industry Checks”

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LittleW0lf says:

How do I know I am supposed to be getting a check?

I am confused, as I bought quite a few CDs during the time that they were supposidly pricefixing. Was there some sort of procedure for getting yourself on the list of folks who should receive a check? I really don’t care, as the payout isn’t anything to write home about, but how do I know that I was supposed to be receiving one and accidently threw it out?

AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Re: Irony

I filled out the online form for EVERYONE I knew their address for. ( about 30 people )

All of my friends have been talking about their checks and how they don’t know why they got one. I’ve told them I filled out their names for them and they have thanked me.

The ironic part is either I pitched mine when it came or I still have yet to receive it.

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