Mars Was Wet, But Life Is Still Missing

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As expected, the announcement this morning from NASA was that the Mars rover Opportunity had determined that there likely was plenty of water on Mars at some point, but there still isn’t any evidence of life. Exciting, but not as exciting as any evidence of actual life.

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Comments on “Mars Was Wet, But Life Is Still Missing”

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Anonymous Coward says:

oh. just water

With all the excitement of the upcoming NASA announcement, I found this kinda anti-climactic. I don’t think that I was expecting to see a picture of an alien waving to the camera, but the build up did get me hoping that they were going to anounce finding at least some microbe. oh well.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: oh. just water

{conspiracy_hat_on}But if NASA comes out and says “there’s life on that there planet!” then all the religious people in the world might freak out that it’s not mentioned in the bible, thus the bible is incorrect/invalid, thus there is no reason to be ‘good’, thus mass panedomium breaks out in the streets resulting in huge riots and the end of western civilization as we know it, so instead… we get exciting stories about unique crystals that could only be a result of water on Mars and couldn’t possibly have come from a meteorite or any icy comet impact a bazillion years ago.{/conspiracy_hat_on}

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: oh. just water


No, it does not say anywhere in the Bible that there is no life on other planets. However…

If you read the Bible from the self-centric point of view that most people who “study” the Bible use, then you’ll see that God created all life on Earth and didn’t bother to do anything with the other planets, other than to provide them for use as signs (Genesis 1:14), but then later goes back and bans the use of Astrology (Isaiah 47:13-14), so now noone is sure what exactly the planets are for…

Anyway, as I said earlier, most people who “study” the Bible feel that anything that’s not in the bible doesn’t exist (i.e., evolution is a lie, the dinosaurs never really existed, etc.) and since there is no mention of God creating life on other planets, there can be no life on other planets in the minds of many “biblical scholars”.

dorpus says:

Liquishit Heights

Up to a third of life on Earth consists of bacteria on the sea floor that either produce or eat methane, and emit powerful sulfide fumes that smell like liquishit.

In the current issue of Discover magazine, a new theory is put forth for mass extinctions on Earth: when undersea landslides happen (a completely random event), great geysers of liquishit erupt from the ocean, the ocean turns into a sea of flames, and a chain reaction occurs.

So yeah, maybe Mars will be a stinky place when astronauts get there.

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