Camera Phones Against Election Fraud

from the see,-perhaps-they-are-useful... dept

While some people continue to completely miss the point on camera phones, others are quickly realizing just how useful they are. Found by Alan Reiter is this story about how South Korea is asking those with camera phones to help them prevent election fraud by sending in photos of any suspicious behavior on election day. Once again, the value of having a camera in the phone isn’t just that it’s a camera – but that it’s always on you and that it’s connected to the network. That lets you do completely different things than you would with a regular camera. While some of those things may be bad, we already have laws against most of the “bad” actions. There’s no reason to freak out about the phones themselves, which obviously can be put to both good and bad use. It’s about time reporters stopped focusing so much on the bad uses, and put some effort towards pointing out the more innovative uses.

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