Video Games As The Modern Car Commercials

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Apparently, the car racing video game Gran Tourismo has been so popular helping automakers sell cars to young adults, that many car companies are starting to put out their own video games and are setting up places to play the games in dealerships. The article talks about kids who play Gran Tourismo and get so involved in modding and driving a specific car that they want that car in real life as well. However, now that the automakers are realizing this is a good way to sell cars, some are wondering if the fad is over, suggesting that as soon as the folks in suits figure something out, the kids know better than to stick around. Still, it’s yet another example of companies realizing that you’re better off creating promotional items that people want, and then getting them out there into the world.

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Comments on “Video Games As The Modern Car Commercials”

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Mark says:

Selling cars via games

I think the trend will stick. I’ve had a jones for a certain brand of sports car for quite a while now, and recently got a big kick out of driving that car in “Project Gotham Racing 2.” It’s not quite the same as an actual test drive, of course, but it is an experience that tends to cement the emotional attachment that you have to the idea of the car, if not the actual car itself.

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