Support Your Candidate… On eBay?

from the will-it-ever-stop? dept

Remember a month ago when Amazon started letting people donate to candidates online? Well, one Congressional candidate has decided that if he can’t sell support for his own campaign on Amazon, he might as well sell shares in his campaign on eBay. The guy, who just moved to the district where he’s running, has decided that he needs money to run for Congress (duh!), but doesn’t want to be “beholden to special interests” (a popular phrase these days). Thus, people can buy “shares” (certificates) in his candidacy on eBay. The fact that the way he’s done this probably violates federal elections rules doesn’t seem to bother him much. Of course, it’s all really a gimmick, fitting in with the popular use of using eBay to get free publicity because it’s different.

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