Recording Industry Lies About Copy Protected CDs Not Playing In Cars

from the let's-try-that-again... dept

Apparently, the BBC ran a story about new, copy protected CDs in the UK, and pointed out that they often won’t play on car CD players. They asked a recording industry exec to explain this, and he claimed that the carmakers haven’t kept up on CD standards, which is blatantly false. The truth is that the copy protection breaks the “red book” specification of what a CD is. Two years ago, the music industry was sued for putting copy protection on CDs and still calling them CDs – despite the fact that the CDs now violate the red book standard of what a CD is. The Register article points out that the BBC did a terrible job in simply accepting what the recording industry exec said, even when a representative from Volkswagen pointed out that all of their CD players meet the spec perfectly. A good reporter would notice the contradiction and find out who’s right. Instead, they leave it up in the air as if it’s a disagreement over issues.

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