Even Marriage Can Be Scientifically Predicted?

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Some researchers are now claiming that with a little bit of information about how a married couple deals with each other, they can predict with 94% accuracy whether the marriage will succeed or fail. They can even predict a time frame for divorce. Seems like a romantic thing for the spouse this Valentine’s day: “Honey, forget the roses and the chocolates, let’s go scientifically determine how soon we might get divorced…”

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Comments on “Even Marriage Can Be Scientifically Predicted?”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:


Do they mean correlation coefficient, the confidence interval, or the p-value? Psychologists often manipulate that aspect. It does say they teamed with applied mathematicians, so maybe the math is valid. It looks like they used a linear combination of facial expressions, voice cues, words and physiological data as the basis for the identifiable space.

There is all this pro-family research out there, presumably due to the difficulty of obtaining funding for anti-family science. It could be that married people are 4 times more likely to suffer high blood pressure, heart attacks, or become victims of domestic violence than single people.

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