DailyDirt: The Mating Behavior of Online Daters

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Online dating sites provide a vast amount of interesting data for researchers studying human behavior. These sites record how much people lie about themselves to try to impress others, and dating sites contain a wide variety of personal data that can be sliced and diced according to age, gender, income, education, interests, you-name-it. Here are just a few studies that have looked at digital dating databases for insights into the minds of people searching for soul mates and long walks on the beach.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: The Mating Behavior of Online Daters”

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Anonymous Coward says:

“dating sites contain a wide variety of personal data “

No, dating sites contain a very narrow variety of personal data, unless you think people who use dating sites are a unbiased representational cross section of a population, but of course IT’S NOT.

“About 81% of online daters misrepresent the facts about how tall, how heavy, or how old they are. “

See what I mean!!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Haha, the conservative part is hilarious.

I went on tons of online dates and I found that as time went on over the past 5 years people have gotten more honest in general and typically it wasn’t that far from their actual selves. Maybe 2 people in 5 years of off and on internet dating did I meet people that were wildly different than their profiles and 5 people were different but in completely positive ways (IE complete bombshells that undersold themselves because they didn’t want people messaging them based on their looks).

The part about conservatism is funny though, I did notice that conservatives aren’t that much self aware as liberals are. You can sniff out a super liberal pretty easy, they are out there loud and proud. Super conservatives though… they don’t know how weird they are to non super conservative people cause typically they are conservative because “Well that’s just how everyone is.”

John Fenderson (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Your experience matches mine about misrepresentation. The only outright liars I met were ones who portrayed themselves as less physically attractive than they actually were.

But, if by “lying” they mean fudging their age, weight, or height by an insignificant amount, 81% is about right.

By the way, I met my wife through an online dating site. And thank God. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

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