Technology For Aging Boomers

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While the cool market many companies try to aim for is the youth or young adult market, a quick look at some basic demographic information still shows that there are an awful lot of baby boomers out there, and they’re getting older. Many who work in the technology field are realizing now would be a good time to come up with new technologies that will help them over the next few decades. Those of us who are younger than the baby boomers are now going to benefit from an awful lot of research and development designed to create technologies that help senior citizens in a variety of ways.

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Comments on “Technology For Aging Boomers”

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1 Comment
saleh says:

Not doing enough...

While this article focuses on the emerging technologies, even some more mundane steps would go a long way.

The problem I found, helping an elderly relative, is that many “obvious” consumer electronics devices just don’t exist. For example, try to find:

  • A cordless phone with 2.4GHz clarity, and big, readable buttons.
  • A learning remote control with big readable buttons, which can be programmed with macros to make things easy to use.
  • An MP3 player that doesn’t require reading a tiny low-contrast display.
  • A stylish emergency request transmitter, rather than a clunky pager-like thing on a lanyard.

These great new technologies won’t do much good if they don’t make their way into well-designed products.

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