Time For The Floppy Keyboard

from the forget-the-floppy-disk dept

The “floppy disk” is a thing of the past, but the floppy keyboard may be a thing of the future. The Inquirer is running a review of a foldable, floppy keyboard that they claim works pretty well – assuming you’ve placed it on a flat surface for typing. The biggest benefit (or downside, depending on your point of view) is the attention such a keyboard gets you from those who don’t believe it could possibly work. Now, the next trick will be for them to split the keyboard in two, add some straps so that you can put half a keyboard on each thigh, and you’ll have a keyboard in your lap. Add in a small computer you can stick in your pocket and the new display goggles/glasses that are hitting the market, and you’ve got quite the (yes, very very geeky) wearable computer – with a full sized keyboard.

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Comments on “Time For The Floppy Keyboard”

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Adrian Anders (user link) says:

Well...one group would want it

I don’t know about other groups, but I think musicians (especially computer musicians) would love to have powerful wearable computers to take onstage. Being a DJ, I would find it much easier to spin records on a computer without having to be attracted to some clunky desktop or laptop. Matter of fact, it would be even cooler if I could wave my hands in the air like in Minority Report and spin tracks without a conventional interface.

That’s just one future musician’s opinion however.


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