The Domain Name Hostage Game

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Network Solutions has often had the reputation of being less than easy to work with. Now, they’re being accused of holding a bunch of domain names hostage. A German registrar that used to work with Network Solutions to handle their registrations recently decided to move all of their accounts to their own subsidiary. In response, Network Solutions sent all of the German company’s customers letters asking them to renew directly with Network Solutions. This isn’t a huge surprise. Lots of registrar companies (including NSI) are known for sending mailings to people that look suspiciously like bills to try to trick them into moving their domain names. The various registrars have gotten in trouble for this before. However, on top of this, NSI also refused to transfer the domains unless the customers (most of whom were in Germany… and thus spoke German) sent a fax written in English. Unfortunately, this isn’t all that surprising given the way most registrars work. It’s a little sad that they think the way to keep customers is to make it as hard as possible to transfer out, rather than making sure the service is better than the competition.

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Comments on “The Domain Name Hostage Game”

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TotalNIC (user link) says:

TotalNIC do this too

TotalNIC have done similar to me – they REGISTRAR LOCK your domain name, so that you can never transfer it away to another REGISTRAR.

They ask for notarised letterheaded documents, which even if you manage to come up with (as an individual) they ignore, claiming they never received them. Oh and they won’t accept registered delivery mail, so there’s no way to prove they did receive it!

At the end they just put your account in “default” status and your domain gets put on their auction site!

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