Turning Video Gamers Into Athletes… And Athletes Into Video Gamers

from the vice-versa dept

One of the big complaints people have against kids playing video games is that it makes them sit still, instead of running around and getting exercise. Well, that may be changing. Recently a number of new video game devices have been coming on the market that require more motion than a little button pressing to get the job done. This even includes one human-sized joystick that apparently gives you quite a workout. Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, here’s a story from Salon about athletes who were immortalized in video games where they performed better than they did in real-life. What’s interesting, is that many fans get attached to certain star athletes more by playing them in video games than by watching them play the sport for real. Now, if we combine those earlier articles with the later ones, maybe these kids can start playing sports like their favorite stars as well.

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