Lindows Using File Sharing To Distribute Operating System

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Over at Lindows, someone has finally realized one of the many ways that file sharing networks are useful as a distribution mechanism. They’re now their LindowsLive operating system for free on various file sharing networks, pointing out that it will save them a bundle in bandwidth costs. CEO Michael Robertson admits: “What we’re doing is figuring out how we can take advantage of P2P to advance our own business.” Amazing. Most execs in the entertainment industry insist there are no ways to take advantage of P2P to advance their business – and here’s a CEO who says they’re doing just that. Hopefully, this will be used as yet another example of a “non-infringing use” in all the various lawsuits against these file sharing networks. Also, maybe someone should let a few of the angrier (Hollywood-backed) politicians in on the fact that P2P is being used to save companies money.

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Comments on “Lindows Using File Sharing To Distribute Operating System”

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Terry Roe says:

Great News!

I think this is great news. If businesses start using file sharing to promote their business like this, it will be a nice offset to thos that that denounce filesharing itself. So when RIAA, and others, make noises about how filesharing should be outlawed, perhaps their will be some with financial interest on the other side of the fence arguing its benefits.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: Great News!

A potentially big drawback is that if file sharing becomes the “official” method of software distribution, how can you be sure that the version you are downloading is the real one and not a trojaned version? There is a surprising number of fakes being hosted out there in file-sharing land…

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