Trouble For WiFi Equipment Makers?

The Dell’Oro Group has taken a look at the WiFi equipment business and realized that it’s not a standalone business. This seems pretty obvious. WiFi is getting built into all sorts of other products, and anyone expecting to focus their business selling WiFi NICs and APs probably isn’t going to go that far. The article linked here does explain that, but still has a bit of an alarmist title suggesting that WiFi is a fad (a “speedbump” instead of a “hockey stick”). It’s only at the end of the article that they point out actual WiFi usage is expected to rise – and it’s just the standalone products that are at risk. The article is like saying “the writing ink business is dying!” and then putting in fine print “because people now by pens with the ink included.” The ink is still there, it’s just getting purchased in different ways. Same with WiFi.

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