Dutch Judge Bans The Existence Of Lindows

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Apparently, a Dutch judge has decided that the Lindows name infringes on the Windows trademark and he wants it gone. That means, no more selling or advertising Lindows in any form. Even more to the point, the website Lindows.com is a problem – and the judge says that it must be blocked so that no one from Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg can reach it. I’m really not quite sure how you enforce such a ruling.

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Comments on “Dutch Judge Bans The Existence Of Lindows”

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1 Comment
PhuzzyLogic says:

Humm.. I am not a fan, but

I am not a fan of Lindows or… Wait, let me not say that name, don’t want to be charged with anything..

But this is a little far out there. Granted it is close, but aren’t we pushing it a little far now?

***What we might see next…..
“And next in the news, Teen forced to change his name, Mike Rowe (its a joke Mike, don’t pay me no nevermind), because it sounded close to a major software company, and his parents being charged with copy right infringement.”

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