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As you may or may not know, Techdirt’s business is providing companies with daily corporate intelligence (news, analysis, trends – all customized specifically to their needs) and we do so in the blog format. We’ve been doing this for years, and so when it’s considered “the next big thing in the corporate environment” we always laugh a little. The “blog” shouldn’t be the focus. The focus should be on the value people get out of the content in the system – and not the system itself. The vast majority of our customers have no clue what a “blog” is – and yet some could make a reasonable claim at being early “business blogging” adopters by hiring us. Thus, I wish that this Computerworld article focused a little more on the benefits, and a little less on blogging itself, but on the whole, it’s not a bad description of how blogs are finding their ways into business settings. Yes, it does include a couple quotes from me, though never actually mentions what Techdirt does. The article also includes two sidebars, one that contains another quote from me (along with one from Ross Mayfield) and a second one which describes the benefits of a business blog. That second sidebar seems to be taken almost word for word from our own whitepaper on enterprise blogging (available for free download) though without giving us any credit at all, which I guess means that those of us who wrote the whitepaper have now officially (if without credit) written for Computerworld Magazine. Update: The folks at Computerworld have updated that sidebar now to give Techdirt credit, and apologized.

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