Case Modding Going Mainstream?

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People like to personalize their workspace, whether it’s the background on their computer desktop, or sticking some pictures on their computer case. However, more people seem to be getting into the idea of case modding: making serious changes to the case that contains their computer – such as building a complete fish tank into one. If you surf enough geeky/techie sites, you’ve definitely seen more than a few such case mods – some more crazy than others. I have always wondered why computer companies never made it easier to personalize your own computer, but in a tight margin-driven business, such “extras” probably carry little weight with the decision makers. The other question, of course, is how the steady rise of laptops over desktops will impact the modding culture? I haven’t bought a new desktop machine in at least five years – and can’t think of a good reason to bother with one ever again.

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Comments on “Case Modding Going Mainstream?”

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Greg says:

No Subject Given

>> I haven’t bought a new desktop machine in at
>> least five years – and can’t think of a good
>> reason to bother with one ever again.

More than 1 CPU? 64-bit processor? Upgrade path? High-end workstation computing just isn’t making it into laptops as quickly as we all would like. Of course, you might not want/need this sort of thing…

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