Maybe You Can Find Work Online

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As the economy got bad and jobs were difficult to find, the various online job sites got flooded, and the common wisdom became that job sites were mostly useless as a way of finding a job. Now that the economy is starting to pick up again, that might be changing. Over in the UK, a new study has shown that over 10% of responders to a survey claim they’ve found jobs online. Not everyone thinks that online job sites are the way to go, but it appears that they’re improving in just how useful they are. Update: Well, only a few hours later comes news of a study in the US showing 31.8% of new jobs were filled via the internet. Of course, the study only covered a small number of large companies, so it may not be that representative.

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Comments on “Maybe You Can Find Work Online”

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Jeff Tupholme says:

Business model aims at employers

It’s easy to think that job sites are there for your benefit as a job seeker, but their point is to make it efficient for employers to fill vacancies. The two don’t mean the same thing, which is why some seekers feel the sites are useless while employers continue to fund the growth of the sector – it yields results for them.

Director Mitch (user link) says:

Re: 10% sounds right

Based on my unscientific observation of everyone I knew that lost their jobs during the U.S. tech bust (including all 42 at the start-up I was at), I would say 10% sounds about right for people who found jobs on-line (including myself). Of course HOW LONG it took to find and land that job on-line is another story.

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