Camera Phones As Bar Code Scanners

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Considering that we were just talking about the fact that the nice things about camera phones isn’t that they’re cameras, but the fact that they let you do something different, here’s the perfect article to go along with that. There are a number of new applications coming out that let users take photos of product barcodes – and automatically get more information about the product. The info can include anything from detailed info to reviews to coupons to offers at other merchants. This is exactly the type of thing that you can’t do with a regular camera that a camera phone lets you do. It’s not a replacement for a camera – it’s adding new capabilities that open up new possibilities.

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Comments on “Camera Phones As Bar Code Scanners”

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Mikester says:

Good idea, too bad it won't do much

An interesting idea, but I doubt this specific idea will get too far. Most stores have banned any photographic device for years now. Since long before there where camera phones.
Most stores don’t like the idea of consumers (or more likely competitors) taking pictures of their products or store. If they find out that customers are taking pictures of their shelves so that they can see if they can get the product cheaper elsewhere, you better believe they’ll watching for this activity in their stores.

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