Robot Scientist Does Away With Need For Grad Students

from the who-needs-'em dept

With all the complaints people have had recently about jobs be offshored, next thing you know, they’ll be complaining about software programs that make them obsolete as well. British researchers have built a robot scientist for doing genetic research, that seems to be just as effective, and much cheaper, than having a grad student do the same work. I guess it’s just one step closer to Marshall Brain’s vision of the world.

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Comments on “Robot Scientist Does Away With Need For Grad Students”

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dorpus says:

Golden Era of Bioinformatics

There will be increasing need for people who can make sense of the biology, computer science, and mathematics of such experiments. Admittedly, there are not too many such jobs yet, supply of expertise still outstrips demand, but the demand is increasing long-term.

There are only so many people in the world who have such expertise, and most training is still U.S.-based for now. As for outsourcing, the U.S. does have a comparative advantage in our relatively flexible education system, where people can change fields throughout their career. Most other countries, including Europe, China, and India, have more rigid systems in which people are expected to stay within their specialty throughout their career; cross-training is difficult.

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