One By One, Hollywood Admits Movies Show Up Online

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I skipped the story yesterday about how a second screener version of a movie they’ve sent out to Oscar voters made it’s way online just a day after they announced the first such find. That’s just as well, because they’re now admitting the third such movie has made it’s way online. Of course, they’re a little slow, because a bit of basic research has already turned up the fact that, gosh darnit, just about every movie that has been mentioned as an Oscar candidate is already online. The one exception? Return of the King, though no one is exactly sure why. In the meantime, this article reports that Warner has worked out who provided the second screener that was discovered, and it’s an executive at a wireless company. The interesting part though, is that he denies he put it online. In fact, he claims that he believes “someone at the duplicating house made themselves a copy before the studio sent it to me.” In other words, no matter how many pieces of paper the studios get Academy members to sign, these movies are still going to show up online. Maybe they should stop focusing on this, take a step back, and look at what the real “problem” is. Considering the commercial success of these movies, the problem clearly is not the fact that they’re showing up online.

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Comments on “One By One, Hollywood Admits Movies Show Up Online”

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anonymousforobviousreasons says:

ROTK is available online

ROTK is indeed available online – copies are floating around the office.
An observation – everyone that I know of who has/are getting an illicit copy have already seen the movie in the theatre AND will buy the DVD when it comes out. Some will buy the extended edition as well. The ‘download’ copy is just to ‘hold them over’ until the DVDs are available.

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