Internet Users Aren't Geeks

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Apparently, someone hadn’t realized that the internet is pretty pervasive these days and gone way past the age of being “for geeks”. So, they went out and conducted a study and found that (surprise, surprise), the internet isn’t just for geeks any more. The typical internet user is a social person who reads more books and is involved in more social activities than the non-internet user. Of course, I wonder what the profile of the average non-internet user is these days? If anything, I’d bet the general impression is that such a person is much more of an oddity than a heavy internet user.

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Comments on “Internet Users Aren't Geeks”

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Patrick says:

Re: Re: Yes. not just for geeks...

Amen to that, brothers.

I would gladly do without the web if Usenet was back to the old days, and I didn’t have to hermetically seal my e-mail account. In a lot of ways, commercial access/use of the Internet has ruined the community that existed, one that 98% of people on line now will never know.

I have a dream… of a geeknet, superimposed over the garbage network we have now, engineered from the ground up to prevent this commercial abuse.

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