E-Commerce Backlash

from the not-a-great-user-interface dept

An interesting comparison of the process of shopping in a mall compared to shopping online. While many e-commerce hyping articles focus on the benefits to shopping online, there is something to be said for some (but certainly not all) of the offline experience as well. One interesting suggestion in the article is, instead of just kicking you out of the site after you finish a purchase, sites could link to other “interesting” sites. The problem here, of course, is how do they determine what’s interesting, but it is a creative way to try to build some brand loyalty by adding a touch of personality to the shopping experience.

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Comments on “E-Commerce Backlash”

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1 Comment
Gregory Kennedy (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Anyone who has worked on an ecommerce site knows that the cost of developing ALL the features a consumer wants/needs is extremely high and difficult to do.

This is why Amazon and Ebay will continue to have near monopoly size market share for ecommerce.

If people want to buy online, they should just forgo the search engine and use amazon or ebay.

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