Do We Need A WiFi Voice Standard?

While talk about VoWiFi solutions seems to come and go, I was a bit confused to find out that some people are exploring the need for a specific standard for handling voice over WiFi. My first reaction was that this made no sense: we have open standards for these technologies, and voice is just an application that can run over WiFi. So why would they need a standard? The issue, however, is how to handle roaming from access point to access point. It’s not as big of an issue with data, where a little blip in the connection isn’t fatal. However, with voice calls, a blip as you move from access point to access point could become quite a hassle. Again, though, I’m not sure this needs to be voice specific, but rather focus on the general issue of roaming (which, it sounds like, is exactly the way they’re looking at this).

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