Nearly 100% Of Spam Does Not Comply With CAN SPAM

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An anti-spam company took a representative sample of spam recently and discovered that only 3 out of 1,000 pieces of email actually complied with the law. They say this applies to plenty of legitimate companies, as well as the more traditional spammers. The reason (though, they don’t say this) is likely to do with the fact that you’re now supposed to put a mailing address into every such commercial email, which almost no one does because it really doesn’t make any sense.

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Comments on “Nearly 100% Of Spam Does Not Comply With CAN SPAM”

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1 Comment
Jeff Duntemann says:

That address is actually pretty useful...

…because it’s something to filter on that is unlikely to yield a false positive. Since January 1 I’ve begun to get a small handful of spammers who put a postal address at the bottom of their mailings, and I filter on the street address. So far it works–I watch my spam carefully to judge the effectiveness of my filters, and one particular company, which apparently owns dozens of domains, has not gotten into my inbox since I added its postal address to my filters. I don’t even care if it’s a real address, as long as it doesn’t change from message to message. (If too many people begin doing this, however, it probably will.)

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