Morgan Freeman To Release Next Film Online

from the but-how? dept

In an announcement that is sure to get plenty of attention, actor Morgan Freeman announced (along with Intel) that his production company will be simultaneously releasing his next movie in theaters and online. Of course, they don’t explain how they intend to do this, what technology they’ll use or how much they’re going to charge. Still, should be an interesting experiment. I’d be interested to see if they provide any sort of incentive to try to get people to go see the movie in the theater, instead of just downloading it.

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Comments on “Morgan Freeman To Release Next Film Online”

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LittleW0lf says:

Movie Theaters isn't much better

Cool, Randezvous with Rama, I’ll look forward to watching it on DVD.

I hate going to the movie theater. As Mike says, it is a social experience, but frankly, the social experience is what keeps me from going to all but the movies I am most excited to see (Matrix, LOTR, etc.) Last weekend, I went to see Return of the King in the movie theater. I like going Sunday morning to the first showing, because the theater isn’t as busy as usual.

There were all of 20 people in the theater, yet there were two babies who cried practically the whole movie, and one woman was nice enough to bring both a crying baby and a 18 month old who talked, screamed, and ran around the whole theater practically the entire movie. It got so bad that the manager, instead of asking them to leave, turned the sound up to drown out the noise, which of course made the babies cry even louder. My only question was who, in their right mind, would take a baby and an 18-month old to a PG-13 movie?

This happens all the time, but it was still much better than going later on in the day when there are 50+ people in the theater, with 10 cell phones going off constantly, teenagers making a lot of noise, and half of the audience being as rude as possible during the movie.

Of course, watching the movie on the internet isn’t much better. I’d much rather have them release the movie as a DVD so we can watch the movie in the comfort of our own homes, on our televisions and stereo equipment (instead of on the computer.)

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