Ohio Man Pleads Guild To Copying Acxiom DB

from the not-worth-telling-anyone-about dept

LittleW0lf writes “Security Focus’s Kevin Poulsen submitted a story last Friday about a Cincinnati “Hacker” named Ephitah who managed to clone the consumer databases of Acxiom. Turns out the gentleman was working as a contractor for Acxiom, and found the passwd file for the ftp server, which gave him access to the password protected databases, (which may or may not contain consumer’s Social Security numbers, dates of birth, gender, income, occupation, number of children, years at residence, adults in household, and vehicle information for millions of consumers.) The company is dismissing the seriousness of the matter and the sensitivity of the information in the database. They also do not plan on telling any of the consumers affected what was taken as they do not feel it met the threshold of sensitivity necessary to comply with federal disclosure laws.”

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