Diebold Employed At Least Five Convicted Felons In Management Positions

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This is sounding more and more like a bad movie. In fact, if someone wrote this script, I’d bet it would get rejected as being way too implausible. Not only has Diebold been shown to have incredibly insecure technology on their electronic voting machines (universal password: 1111), had their (very partisan) CEO say that he was going to help his party win the election, been trying to sue every whistle-blower who calls them on this, admitted that they’re going to try to jack up prices for anyone who tries to force them to add a paper trail and been caught using uncertified software in a recent election (breathe…), now it also turns out that they’ve employed at least five convicted felons in management roles at their voting machine subsidiary, according to Bev Harris, who has been leading the charge against Diebold. In fact, a senior VP of the group, who was responsible for writing and maintaining the code used in their voting systems, served time in prison for “stealing money and tampering with computer files”. Diebold says that the guy left at the time they acquired his company to become their e-voting subsidiary, but they’re still using this guy’s code.

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Comments on “Diebold Employed At Least Five Convicted Felons In Management Positions”

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christopher power says:

convicted felons

i am shocked to know that the only news a convicted felon gets is disgraceful news. furthermore i emplore you to think with your brain about why it is that those felons were hired. ever heard of a scape goat. a convicted felon has nothing to lose right?! is it just possible that there are few convicted felons who have in fact turned their lives around and are struggling just to get a job that pays decent wages and live in a decent community? by live in a decent community i mean be allowed to live in a community where people will not pre judge or use this person as a scape goat. it is not all the felons doing the crimes. wake up and smell the air…look at the natural water sources…research the ozone depletion. grow up the goverment has been using the public mass to fling the proverbial rocks at the felons and all the while the welfare system is being dragged down. i would suggest you do a little more research bfore running off at the mouth.

caleb mckean says:


Thanks for the useless piece of information. I will jot that down as a useless bit of information and store it in my memory file under the heading junk mail.
Felons should not be categorized this way. I make my employer a lot of money. I hold myself to a higher ethical standard than I did when I committed my crime.
Traffic felon for life.

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