Yet Another LNP Problem Piece

August Jackson writes “This article in today’s Washington Post business section details the drama of a single Washington-area executive trying to take advantage of LNP to port a whole mess of numbers. The article itself is a bit of a fluff piece on LNP but still a somewhat interesting read. I have to say that I’m surprised someone with enough apparent business acumen to rise to the rank of Vice-President within a government contractor would be short-sighted enough to throw so many of his phone numbers in limbo at once in the early days of the launch of a portability scheme that was almost universally agreed to be something that would have severe growing pains. The obvious way (to me, I guess) to have done this would have been to transfer one or two numbers at a time. I’m sure a good deal of the problems with this family’s transition has to do with conversations like “No, I wanted 301 658 3322 to be transferred to the wireless phone that used to have the number 815 288 1411 and 301 316 5646 transferred to the wireless phone that used to be 818 567 4986.” Jeez– I have a headache just from typing something like that, so imagine the complexity this would hold for any customer service rep and you begin to understand why a body trying to change so many numbers at one time is having problems. Really he should have known better.”

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