Mobile Games Go From Pong To Quake In 18 Months

from the quick-development dept

It really wasn’t that long ago that the various games found on mobile phones were the equivalent of the video games from two decades ago. However, it appears that mobile phone video games have gotten up to speed much, much faster. Part of this is because established game brands have jumped in headfirst, realizing that there’s a real market here. Now, people are expecting that (ignoring the N-Gage) we’ll start to see more mobile phones that are optimized for gaming. The more interesting aspect will be watching whether or not connected gaming takes off as well.

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Comments on “Mobile Games Go From Pong To Quake In 18 Months”

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1 Comment
AMetamorphosis says:

Flat Air time fees

Connected games won’t take off until flat fees are an option for air time just like unlimited internet connections.

I purposely avoid downloading any game on my phone that requires air time for play.
Its too easy to run out of needed minutes for actual phone calls.

After your package of minutes are used up your paying anywhere from 10 cent to 50 odd cents a minute ! Not even a high tech arcade game costs this much.

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