Voting Machine Companies Huddle Together

from the fight-for-your-right-to-be-insecure dept

It’s unclear exactly what the purpose of this group is, but the various companies that make voting machines appear to have teamed up to deal with the growing complaints about what they offer. What’s unclear in the article (but, very very important) is how they plan to do this. If the idea is to team up and to listen to those concerns and fix them, then that’s a good thing. If, instead (as I fear) this is a marketing/lobbying group who is going to simply try to explain away/lobby away all of the problems people are pointing out with their systems, then that’s a bad thing. While they have a nice friendly quote about dealing with the controversy “positively” (what, now that suing everyone hasn’t proven effective?), they also are already pointing out that basic things like a verifiable paper trail will add significant cost to the voting process. This suggests that they’re going to try to explain away the security problems by suggesting it’s “too expensive” to fix. Isn’t it nice to hear that democracy is too expensive to do right?

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