Bringing Back Prepaid Internet Services?

from the pay-as-you-go dept

Remember back when AOL was first becoming big and 1,000 free minutes actually meant something? Then along came everyone (including) AOL realizing that flat-rate unlimited service was what consumers wanted. For years, now, that’s been the standard, and 1,000 free minutes doesn’t mean anything when for one low price you get unlimited service. However, it appears that pay-as-you-surf internet connections are making something of a comeback. It’s not for everyone, but business travelers, people without credit, and infrequent surfers are actually finding that it works just fine for them – since full access accounts are less practical for them.

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Comments on “Bringing Back Prepaid Internet Services?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Why does AOhell advertise “1045 free minutes”

Why the 1045 instead of just 1000? Sure bigger is better, but why 1045?

It isn’t quite 35 minutes per day– in fact, it is 34.83333 minutes per day.

It is really strange to me. Why don’t they give 10,000 minutes free (to use in the first 30 days). There are 43,200 minutes in 30 days, so why only dole out 1,045 or 2.4% of the usable minutes during that period.

Anonymous Coward (user link) says:

Re: Doesn't make any sense...

I found what yu had to say very interresting. I have been trying to find out how this works since I saw a piece on the TV tech corner show 8 months ago. I know no one that is computer savey (myself included) that knows where to find this info or produce same. Everyone tells me I misunderstood the info on TV. That referrence was made to wireless service using a cell phone. I was just about to give up hope of ever finding info on setting up capabilities that allow one to have internet without a provider when I read your comments. Any help/info you would be willing to share will be greatly appreciated. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP. P. BAAKE

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