SBC Case Against The RIAA Transferred To Same Court That Decided Against Verizon

from the not-a-good-sign dept

While SBC has been claiming that their case against the RIAA is somehow different from the Verizon case which the RIAA won, they’re now going to have to convince the same court that their case really is different. Originally, the case was scheduled to be heard in California, which meant they weren’t bound to the original Verizon ruling in Washington DC. However, the RIAA requested that the case be moved to DC, and the California court complied. This makes it much more difficult for SBC, who has to prove that the reasons they believe the RIAA has violated their customers’ privacy is somehow different than the similar claims Verizon made last year.

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Comments on “SBC Case Against The RIAA Transferred To Same Court That Decided Against Verizon”

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1 Comment
pheloxi says:

stop prosecuting downloaders!

stop prosecuting mp3 downloaders, because it is fair not until record companies have done more to get market back.

extremely high prices of CDs makes people turn to downloading music!

record companies should adopt suply and demand again.

not record company execs!
if about 40% of CDs sales is illigal it should ring lots of alarm bells that high prices leads to more downloading, may be lowering the prices will increase sales considerably.

in my opinion it is better to sell more than prosecute members of the public who are the buyers!

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