Supposedly Anonymous File Sharers Arrested

from the so-much-for-that-plan dept

Ever since the recording industry started cracking down on file sharers by going after them with lawyers, new services have been popping up promising “anonymity” for anyone who uses them. Of course, most don’t give much proof for that claim, and you might want to think twice before believing it. Two file sharers in Japan have apparently been arrested, despite using a supposedly anonymous service. They don’t say how they tracked these folks down, but it’s making people wonder just how anonymous these anonymous systems really are.

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Comments on “Supposedly Anonymous File Sharers Arrested”

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pheloxi says:

stop prosecuting downloaders!

stop prosecuting mp3 downloaders, because it is fair not until record companies have done more to get market back.

extremely high prices of CDs makes people turn to downloading music!

record companies should adopt suply and demand again.

not record company execs!

if about 40% of CDs sales is illigal it should ring lots of alarm bells that high prices leads to more downloading, may be lowering the prices will increase sales considerably.

in my opinion it is better to sell more than prosecute members of the public who are the buyers!

Karateka says:

Re: stop prosecuting downloaders!

We live in a capitalist based world, and money is everything. So how can you ask the Music industry to lower prices or not prosecute individuals who do not have the money to fight back. Since I am a capitalist and love every minute of it, I would have to say that I totally believe that the poor have no write to what other of a higher level of income have. So for the side of the RIAA, keep up the good work gentlemen after all its not like all those lawyers have real jobs they have to go to.

LittleW0lf says:

Re: Re: stop prosecuting downloaders!

We live in a capitalist based world, and money is everything.

Sorry, but Intellectual Property laws are not capitalism. In a true capitalistic environment, monopolies are shunned, and thus anything that allows for a monopoly (i.e. Copyright) would be avoided. In a true capitalist environment, competition is the motivator that drives the environment, and in a sense, Napster and the other online distribution streams were competition to the traditional brick and mortor distribution schemes.

However, I’d never consider myself a capitalist (though I would like to see Patent and Copyright reforms to remove the artificially long monopolies the current industry has,) since a true capitalist cares so much about money that they would even sell their family into slavery for more of it.

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