Law Firm Discovers Wireless Technologies

Even the lawyers are getting into the game. An IT director for a large law firm describes the process it took for them to look into a “wireless” solution to keep their lawyers in touch all the time. They appear to have focused on just giving all their lawyers handheld devices – but giving them some choice in which device they wanted. Most have chosen Blackberries, but others are using various Palm or PocketPC offerings as well. While he doesn’t go into too much detail, he does mention that they needed to go with “a variety” of wireless carriers – saying that none, alone, provided good enough coverage for everyone. What’s interesting to me is that instead of forcing a top down solution on everyone, with a single carrier and a single device, they’re offering a range of options. You don’t see that very often when the plans are organized at the corporate level (it happens all the time when the strategy is completely ad hoc based on each employee buying their own set up). They still haven’t figured out how to extend wireless connectivity to laptops, but that’s the next step.

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