What's The Worst Time That Your Phone Could Ring?

from the whoops dept

Found over at Gizmodo is this fairly stunning story that a young man who was killed in a motorbike crash apparently still had his mobile phone on him in his coffin, because it started ringing as the family gathered in the funeral home the night before the funeral for a private farewell. The ringing phone upset many family members who are now looking to sue the funeral home for negligence. I’d like to second the question that Gizmodo asks: who the hell was calling?

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Comments on “What's The Worst Time That Your Phone Could Ring?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

.. and why are they suing the funeral home?

Up in canada we usually call that a ‘mistake’, and while we allow the absolutely perfect no-mistakes people to sue without scorn, most of us know better than to point the finger unless there’s some damage done to anything but egos.

I’m still hoping that our courts will someday charge the parents of these sensitive coddled post-teen children for improperly raising their welfare babies.

xpd says:

Urban legend?

Sounds like an urban legend in the making to me. Think about – would the phone’s battery still have power? Do you really think that undertakers are that incompetent tht they don’t look through the pockets in the deceased’s clothes, which, remember, will have been selected by the family as it is highly unlikely that they would be burying someone in teh clothes in which they died.

Why the hell is a dead person in a sealed coffin wearing clothes anyway? I suppose they might need them in the afterlife. Hah!

Anonymous Coward says:

Low priority news travels slow...

> who the hell was calling?

[…] is not avaiable to take your call, please leave a message after the tone:

Dude, I heard this nasty rumor that you were dead. Call me back ASAP, you still owe me $20.

Suing the funeral home? Emotional Grief and Angish?

I can see a new market for cell phone jamming devices already. In short, can you afford to not have a jamming device?

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