Valenti Predicts Movies Online In 2005

from the um,-Jack...-they're-their-now... dept

Well, this is nice. Jack Valenti is now predicting that movies will go online by 2005. Too bad for Jack that movies are already online, but I guess that’s not what he meant. Notice that the focus of what he talks about is locking up the movies as much as possible – and not about making the experience a valuable one for consumers so that they’ll want to spend money. The funny thing is that for all this fear of people downloading movies online, it still appears that people are going out to the movies in large bunches. The only movies that are really “hurting” from the internet are movies that get a really bad early review and the news spreads. So, how, exactly does “really sturdy, protective clothing” make the customer experience better? And, if it doesn’t make the customer experience better, why are they doing it? Already, many movie studios are pulling copy protection schemes off of DVDs – but now, I guess, they’re putting them back on for internet distribution.

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