Is It New Just Because It Attaches To A PDA?

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For years there have been these “brain relaxer” or “brain stimulator” type goggles that you could buy, which would flash lights in some sort of pattern that was supposed to do something to your brainwaves. I have no clue if they actually work or not, and I’m sure some people really like them. I’ve never used one, mainly because I’ve never had the opportunity and haven’t cared enough to make the opportunity happen. Now, however, someone seems to have taken that concept and attached it to a PDA and is acting as if it’s a brand new invention. The only thing that’s different about this version is that the controls to run it are included in software you need to install on your PDA. Of course, the only thing I kept thinking about when reading this was that if they could also combine this solution with mobile phones, then you could have a little competition over your brainwaves, between “good” things happening to them from the little lights and potentially bad things happening from the radiation.

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Comments on “Is It New Just Because It Attaches To A PDA?”

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AMetamorphosis says:

Experience speaks ...

I remember these units … back in the late 1980’s early 1990’s I bought one of these units with the goggles and the headset. I can honestly say that it didn’t do very much for me but was quite enjoyable when I was stoned.

Oh well, consider the ” new & improved ” PDA units as the ” Lava Lamp ” for the new Millennium !

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