The Anti Couch Potato Video Game

from the get-moving... dept

One of the complaints about video games is that they encourage kids to sit around without moving for hours, which isn’t the most healthy thing in the world. In some ways that’s started to change with games that involve the “dance pad”, but it looks like more active gaming options are coming down the road as well. CNN is reporting from Comdex about a new gaming device called the “Action Stick” that is designed to make you work up a sweat while you play video games. Instead of pushing random buttons with your thumbs, you’re expected to punch and kick. The device takes those actions and translates them into actions in the game. They claim they did a study saying it’s a better workout than running or swimming. Apparently, even Bill Gates took a few swings to test it out. I wonder if CNN caught that on video? You could combine it with the famous “dancing Steve Ballmer” videos and get the entire Microsoft Management Workout Video.

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Comments on “The Anti Couch Potato Video Game”

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AMetamorphosis says:


This just sounds like another useless peripheral that will end up in a box in my basement … and eventually on ebay … Perhaps some chubbo child will lose weight as a result of getting off his butt and can go onto become the next ” Jared ” …
Most of my friends have a good rule for their children regarding their video game systems: Moderation … and come to think of it … none of their children are chunky.

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