Cheapskates Who Spend Big For Items That Hit Them Emotionally

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I think I’ve always been this way, so it’s a bit of a surprise that this is considered a “new” phenomenon. Some researchers are pointing out that many of today’s shoppers are complete cheapskates in many areas, but are willing to spend extra on certain quality items, where there’s an emotional attachment. Thus, you may have a desk made out of an old piece of plywood, but buy a nice Aeron chair to go with it. It just depends on what the person values, and in that particular category, price becomes much less of an issue than quality. They also tend to do a ton of research and are quite well informed about what they’re buying. This increasing dichotomy is important for anyone selling products that might fall into those categories. In fact, the article suggests we’re actually reaching a split world, with absolute discounters on one side and high quality specialty sellers on the other. The folks in the middle are getting squeezed from both sides – because they’re seen as being too expensive for not so great quality.

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