Are You Switching Wireless Carriers?

If so, please remember to recycle your old phone. Don’t put it in a drawer – it isn’t worth much now, and it will be worth less later. It’s hard to understand how a phone you bought for $99 is worth $5 now, so here’s how: The phone you bought for $99 was actually worth $250 when you got it, but the carrier subsidized it to win your business. One year later, your phone is no longer state of the art. Who will buy your year-old used phone when the carrier will give them a new one, just as good, for free (once again subsidized). Here’s a story from RCR Wireless News that gives you the option of selling it to a for-profit company, and here’s a way to donate the phone for charity. Techdirt doesn’t know or endorse either option, but it beats the landfill (after three years in the drawer.)

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