Tech IPOs Slowly Coming Back

from the but-not-quite-the-same dept

We’ve been joking recently about all the parallels between what’s happening today and what happened early on in the bubble years, to point out that we’re heading right back into where things left off. Of course, there are some major differences. While tech companies are (slowly, slowly) starting to go public again, this time it looks like their financials are a lot more sound. We’re not seeing the same sort of wildly speculative IPOs where companies who are nowhere near making a profit are cashing in for millions in IPO money (which often seems to make them forget that a company actually needs to make money from customers, and not just from Wall Street). Of course, many people would add a big “yet” to that statement. Right now, most of the companies going public are profitable (or close to it), but if things heat up again, it wouldn’t be surprising to see VCs push out a few more wildly speculative IPOs.

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