IE Finally Adds Pop-Up Blocker

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While most non-IE browsers now include pop-up blocking software, IE has kept the pop-ups flying (despite various paid and free plugins). However, Microsoft has finally understood that most people hate pop-ups, and are going to include pop-up blocking with the next service pack release. While many people will ask “so what?” because of all the other options for blocking pop-ups, we still live in a world where the majority of folks still just take what they’re given and use IE as is. By adding pop-up blocking in IE, it may finally convince sites that use pop-ups to give it up, as many fewer people will actually see them.

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Comments on “IE Finally Adds Pop-Up Blocker”

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Beck says:

Business Opportunity

The trick is to figure out the even more annoying and disruptive method they will use to display ads, then patent it.

You can rest assured that the advertisers are not going away, they’ll just find another method to get their ads in front of your face.

I predict an upsurge in those ads that are part of the page but cover the content for awhile and finally fade out of the way so that you can see the web page. Some of the news sites use this technique now.

Anonymous Coward says:

Flash ads

I find that Flash ads are the latest evil (and yet another pointless use of Flash). is the worst offender, actually placing ads over the content with sound!

You can’t turn Flash ads off either – without uninstalling Flash (which just happens to be very hard).

The only thing to block Flash are a couple of plugins for Mozilla Firebird.

There is so much on the web these days that is pushing me towards going back to using Lynx!

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